I Failed Him

I am inconsistent..
But I do not want to let my faith dwindle.
He is still my Alpha and Omega.
Whatever happens,
I may fail Him a multitude of times,
My faith remains in Him.
I am still His in the end.

❤️ Is Overrated Yet Underestimated

Love is innate to each and everyone.

We are all born with it.

It will never be lost.

It is natural.

Sometimes, it is forced.

It could be quiet at times.

But it could also get wild.

It seeks.

It also hides.

Love never dies.

But it does transform.

It could be overpowered.

But it will surely conquer.

It is simple.

But at times people make it complicated.

Love nurtures.

It never destroys.

It is how one maximizes it.

It could be overrated.

But should it be never be underestimated.

For even the most intelligent ones,

Go crazy because of love.

Even the toughest ones,

Can be softened by love.

Love is always given.

But what you will do with it is always a choice.

Love is immortal.

Even when you think it is dead,

It comes back to life.

It is revived,

Even giving birth to a new form.

Never be afraid to love and give love.

For love does not hurt.

Pain should never be equated to love.

The things that cause hurt and pain are done without love.

Or outside love.

These are by choices and by intentions.

Yes, you may get tired, at one point.

Should that happen,

Just pause for a while or take a break.

Until such time that you have regained the will to do so.

It will never disappear.

It just evolves.

And you will never run out of it.

For in every love that you give,

It will surely be re-filled!

* Continue to love love love with a genuine ❤️!


☝️ Looking above and beyond ☝️


I will always and forever be in awe of Your majesty! 

My Own Idiomatic Expression (original)

Can I create my own idiomatic expression?

‘Cutting one’s own tongue’

Sample sentences:

– The man cuts his own tongue by making promises he never keeps.

– That woman is just full of words! She always cuts her own tongue. She never actually meant every single thing she said.

– Do not trust him. He will just hurt you. After making you believe that he will do things for you, he himself will cut his own tongue.

Moving on..

I will continue to love you, until it hurts no more..

– These were my words, when my heart was first broken. 

We will never be immune to pain..

We will never be immune to pain no matter how strong we are

No matter how many hardships we have been through

Every pain is unique in its form

Hurtful truth – You never learned

I am as good as dead now
I may be breathing
But I can no longer feel my heartbeat
The pain numbs me
I have eyes but I cannot see clearly
Even my brain is hurting
Who would have thought it could feel a thing
I am tired of thinking
Suddenly, I got lost directions
I cannot hear anything
Except the resounding voices of myself,
Ghosts from the pasts
If I was wiser,
Things could have been better
Blaming no one but myself
Forgiving others but myself
It will surely take some time
Even though the time spent was not that long enough
But the wound is no different – still deep
It is the love that you invested
The time that you set aside
The decision that you believed into
The hope that you held on to
History keeps on repeating itself
Similar situations
Different people
In various scenarios
Learning from the past is only proven
When an adequate action is supported by it
Otherwise, learning never took place at all
But life goes on as always
As long as you can still feel the breath from your nostrils
No matter how pain-stricken this life could be
At the end of the day, you just loved
You loved someone genuinely that it hurts this badly
But at least you know yourself
That at the end of the day
With what you have gone through
God will still pave the way for you..

Tired – Going In Circles

As I look into the world, I sink..

I suddenly see myself digging my own pit..

With nowhere to go but down..

Dragging myself beneath level ground..

Until I drown myself unto the soil..

And can no longer breathe as I try to catch it helplessly..

I’ve been long wanting to see the light..

But it seems to be even farther now..

Or is it just me who stopped along the way..

Trying to roam around the same circles again..

Though not totally going back to where I was..

Yet creating another mark that hinders me to get to the finish line..

I’m tired..

So tired..

It Will Unfold In Time..

Intelligence are knowing things head-level..

Wisdom is beyond facts, beyond knowledge. It is to understand things above , beyond and even digging deeper as needed, not requiring evidences but wise enough to accept that things happen for a reason and that explanations are not always required because, it will just unfold in time.

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